History & Development

Before achieving independence on AUgust 31, 1957. Malaysia was under the colonisation of the British. As a result of this historical background, the country's political, economic, culture, education and health-care system are, to a certan extent, are quite similar to that of the British.

During the mid-1950s, the British government founded dental nursing and dental ttechnician colleges (founded medical and dental schools in Singapore at the same time). Hence a standardize training of dental professionals was establised. Graduates of the three-year dental technology training course (which was offered free of charge then) were assigned to serve in government dental hospitals and clinics throughout the country.

At that time, in conjunction with the opening of markets, an increase in demand and less stringent laws, private dental practises also implemented in-service training pollicies to meet rising demands. Excellent dental technicians were produced under this particular cycle, providing services to a majority of private dental practices.

In 1998, the Malaysia Ministry of Health proposed the Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act. Among the professionals covered by this Act are radiologists, medical laboratory professionals, optical professionals, voice therapists, dental technicians and such. This proposal aroused a great response from the public. Following a detailed study on the Act, professional bodies which were involved submitted a memorandum to the ministry. It is understood that the initial proposal to schedule for a third reading and subsequently a final passage through the Parliament in late 2002/2003 did not materialized as origianlly planned then.